David Alcocer
Associate Vice President for Budget Analysis and Planning
UC Office of the President

David Alcocer is the Associate Vice President for Budget Analysis and Planning at the UC Office of the President. His team develops and oversees the University’s operating budget, including the annual budget request to the State, and works closely with campuses on a wide variety of budget and planning issues. Previously, David helped coordinate the University’s core student financial aid programs, which are designed to enable students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to attend UC. David was a first-generation college student himself and has a bachelor’s degree from M.I.T. and master’s degrees in business administration and labor relations from Cornell.

Kelly Andrews
Crucial Conversations Trainer and Client Solutions Advocate     VitalSmarts

Kelly has worked with clients from a variety of industries, helping them create training experiences that make lasting results. He has a very energetic, transparent style that encourages active participation and candid discussion. Whether it be groups of 10 or audiences of 200, each learner is important to Kelly as he delivers content. As a member of the Training Delivery team at VitalSmarts, Kelly also manages the company’s virtual trainings where he works to blend and design instruction for the modern learner. Previous to VitalSmarts, Kelly worked with Cisco Systems and Price Waterhouse Coopers where he served in a variety of human resource and research roles that led to his interest for training. Kelly has a passion for writing and has been featured on Forbes, HR.com, and elearningindustry.com, where he enjoys tackling the organizational issues we all face.

Pamela Brown
Vice President for Institutional Research and Academic Planning
UC Office of the President

Pamela Brown is Vice President of Institutional Research and Academic Planning (IRAP) at the UC Office of the President.

She began in November 2013 and manages a team that produces evidence-based analyses and reports for university and academic senate leaders to advance strategic and academic planning, address legislative requests, support assessment, and promote transparency efforts.
IRAP is responsible for the production of UC Annual Accountability Report,
UC Information Center,  and UC in California maps that illustrate the impact of the University of California through data-driven narratives and visualizations. The team administers numerous systemwide surveys, including UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES), undergraduate and graduate cost of attendance, and graduate student well-being, and the IRAP website  includes additional topic briefs and reports on university academic and administrative operations.  Prior to joining UCOP, Pamela worked sixteen years at UC Berkeley where her last role was Executive Director of the Office of Planning and Analysis (OPA).  Pamela received her Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Public Policy and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Mathematics both from the UC Berkeley.

Willie Claiborne Brown
Professor Emeritus of Biology
University of California, San Diego

Professor Brown received his Bachelor’s Degree from Virginia State University. Later, he received a Master of Science degree and a Ph.D. Degree in Microbiology from Oregon State University. His research career included training at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, La Jolla, California with Dr. Frank Young, and Oxford University, United Kingdom with Professor Joel Mandelstam. Prior to retiring from research in 1994, Brown published widely in scientific journals and presented his work at meetings in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. He was an ad hoc reviewer for several journals, and served on private and public scientific review panels, including those of the National Science Foundation and the Bacteriology and Mycology Study Section of the National Institutes of Health.

Professor Brown has received many teaching awards including the Academic Senate Career Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of California, San Diego in 1998, and the UCSD Alumni 2002 Distinguished Teaching Award. Although several faculty receive distinguished teaching awards each year, only two other faculty at UCSD have received the Career Distinguished Teaching Award.

In addition to teaching classes in microbiology, Brown initiated and directed several student success and research programs including the Minority Access to Research Careers Program; the Minority Biomedical Research Program-both funded by the National Institutes of Health; and, the Honors Achievement Workshop. He has also worked extensively with students in groups as well as on an individual basis. Dr. Brown developed a broad interest in educational issues while he was an American Council of Education Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley with Dr. Roderick Park from 1982 to 1983.

During his tenure at UCSD, Professor Brown noticed that many students have a variety of self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, which prevent them from reaching their full potential. By working closely with many of these students and helping them overcome these deficits, he observed a vast improvement in their academic success and personal well-being.

In 1990, Dr. Brown introduced a course on thinking and learning strategies, to his campus. This highly successful two-unit course was the first of its kind at the University of California, San Diego. To date, thousands of students have benefited from this initiative.

Dr. Brown’s book, Reaching Your Full Potential: Success in College and Life is an outgrowth of his combined experiences of over three decades of academic and community service. He appeared at publisher sponsored workshops in several U.S. cities during 1998-99 to promote his book among teachers and students.
Dr. Brown is a longstanding member of the American Society for Microbiology, a member of the National Speaker’s Association, and a trustee of The United Methodist Higher Education Foundation,

Julienne DeGeyter
Assistant Administrative Director, Student Health and Counseling Services
University of California, Davis

Julienne DeGeyter is a proud member of Generation X but she isn’t a slacker. DeGeyter has been in education accounting since 2004 and medical accounting and supervising staff since 1992. DeGeyter earned her chief business official certification from the California Association of School Business Officials in 2007 and served as the first Chief Business Official for West Sac Prep Charter School. Since transitioning to higher education, DeGeyter managed over 15 million annually in extramural contracts and grants as the finance manager for Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. She currently serves as the Assistant Administrative Director of UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services, which was recently ranked #1 in student health services by the Princeton Review. While managing an annual budget of $24 million from over 20 different funding sources, DeGeyter is working on her Masters of Education with an emphasis on Gender Equity at California State University, Sacramento in her spare time.

Dimitri Deheyn
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego

Dimitri Deheyn is a Scripps marine biologist, developing research in the field of biomimicry: the process of emulating Nature to support green and sustainable innovations. His research aims to understand the fundamental mechanisms responsible for specific adaptations that organisms have evolved to thrive under particular conditions, in aquatic or terrestrial environments.

The findings can then be used for biotechnological, biomedical, biosensing and/or bioengineering applications, thus improving societal needs through biomimicry, or bioinspiration. Inherently, his research covers a broad range of topics, including UV-protection, bioadhesion/anti-biofouling, biophotonics and biomaterials with unusual combination of properties. This also, and most importantly, includes mechanisms and functions of light production through bioluminescence (visible light produced following a chemical reaction) and fluorescence (visible light produced following excitation with a blue or black light), but also structural coloration and iridescence (visible coloration from “filtering or manipulating” sunlight). This also involved wavelengths beyond the visible, and in particular the infrared and radio frequencies. All these biological properties are at the intersect with material science and bioengineering, making Deheyn’s expertise cross-disciplinary and bridging the gap between academia and industry, for which he founded the BEST Initiative (Biomimicry for Emerging Science and Technology; https://scripps.ucsd.edu/labs/deheyn/best/).

Deheyn earned his Ph.D. in 1998 from the Free Thinking University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium. His PhD thesis was on fundamental aspects of bioluminescence in marine invertebrates. In 1999, he moved to Scripps Institution of Oceanography where he is now an Associate Research Scientist, to work on the applications of light production, light manipulation for intense coloration or transparency, organisms’ communication, and to a broader sense biomimicry.


Don Lubach
Associate Dean of Students and Director of First Year & Graduate Student Initiatives
University of California, Santa Barbara

Don Lubach serves as an Associate Dean of Students and Director of First-Year & Graduate Student Initiatives.  Recently earning a 30-year service pin, Dr. Lubach has been working for the University of California since his first job washing plates in the dining commons in 1983.  Don holds a faculty appointment in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education and is a member of the Student Affairs Leadership team.  Don Lubach wants to know if you are happy with your work. He is interested in training, professional growth, and career success for all university employees.  Leveraging 20 years as a career counselor and the advent of UC Career Tracks, Lubach will use this session to uncover the career resources that are within the close reach of every UC employee and provide suggestions on how to make use of them.

Reggie Randles, MOL, SHRM-CP
Senior Organizational Development Consultant
University of California, Los Angeles Health

Reg joined UCLA Health in January 2010 as a Training Specialist. In his current role as the Lead Senior Organizational Development Consultant, UCLA Health Human Resources Center for Organizational Readiness and Education (CORE), he designs and develops workshops for skill improvement, implemented the leadership on boarding program for UCLA Health Sciences and the David Geffen School of Medicine and facilitates talent and leadership development courses for the enterprise. Keynote speaker at the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of Clinical and Laboratory Management Association Spring Event, the California Society for Respiratory Care Spring Symposium, the 3rdAnnual Pediatric & Neonatal Palliative Care Symposium hosted byUCLA Health and a keynote presenter at the 6th Annual Women & Children Palliative Care Conference hosted by the University of California Irvine Health. Breakout facilitator at the University of California, People Management Conference. Reg is the UCLA Health Sciences appointee to the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP)Talent Management Consortium. He is a Certified Practitioner of Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®) and a qualified D.i.S.C. Classic® facilitator. He is a published author of a case study on motivation and organizational citizenship behavior, presented at the 2008 Hawaii Global Conference on Business and Finance. He is a published author of the intrinsic motivational book “Practice! Practice! Practice! ‘Til It Rolls off Your Tongue Like Your Mother’s First Name,” and is an alumnus of the UCLA Professional Development Program (PDP).

Shola Richards
Director of Training and Organizational Development
University of California, Los Angeles Health

Shola Richards’ life’s mission is an ambitious one: To end generations of professional suffering, simply by changing how we treat each other at work. Whether it is helping people to deal with soul-destroying bully bosses, passive-aggressive coworkers, or toxic work cultures that value competition and profit more than they value teamwork and their people—Shola is committed to leading the worldwide movement that will change all of it. Shola is an award-winning Director of Training for UCLA Health, best-selling author, a workplace positivity expert, and a positivity bloggerwith a passionate worldwide following. His articles have been read by readers in over 160 countries, and his work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Complete Wellbeing India, Business Insider Australia, and in numerous other publications all over the world who recognize him as an authority on workplace happiness and engagement. As a speaker, Shola has sharedhis transformative message with top universities, Silicon Valley, leading healthcare organizations, the motion picture industry, and in his greatest honor to date, as a keynote speaker for the Department of Homeland Security three days before the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, under the Obama Administration.Last, but certainly not least, Shola is a father, husband, identical twin, and a self-professed “kindness extremist” who will not rest until bullying and incivility is extinct from the American workplace.

Anna Rodriques
Instructional Designer and Technical Trainer
University of California, Los Angeles

Anna Rodrigues is a professional coach focusing on transformation and innovation in technical organizations. Anna believes that the human brain is the greatest super computer and works with individuals and teams to unlock their potential. Her specialty is in analyzing the mind, crafting positive habits, and producing sustainable and impactful results. As a technology enthusiast, she is especially proud of the “Coaching the Technological Mind” program she developed for IT professionals. She has over 20 years of experience creating interactive learning programs and participating in and leading professional development programs across her career. Anna holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s in Organizational Development. In her personal time, Anna combines her passion for marathons and helping in the fight against global hunger. Over the past six years, she has partnered with the Conqur Endurance Group to build a training team for the Los Angeles Marathon to raise funds for a food distribution center in one of the largest slums outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

Isabelle Du Soleil
Certified Yoga+Meditation+Mindfulness+Wellness Expert      University of California, Los Angeles

Acclaimed Certified Yoga Teacher & Wellness Expert based in Los Angeles with over 20 years of experience , Isabelle du Soleil background includes advanced Yoga & medical studies as well as dance, anatomy & physiology. She teaches privately to Los Angeles celebrities. She also travels & teaches internationally. She holds a Ph.D, in Biology & Pharmacy. Isabelle is a warm, intuitive & knowledgeable teacher who is recognized for her extraordinary skills & her signature Soleil Wellness™ programs. On the cutting edge of science and spirituality, Isabelle developed two Soleil Wellness™ programs for Stress Reduction & Relaxation and for Anti-Aging & Radiant Vitality. Isabelle was dubbed ”UCLA most outstanding Yoga Teacher.“

Terri Winbush
Director of Labor Relations
University of California, San Diego

Terri Winbush is the Senior Director of Labor Relations and Employee Relations. She began working at UC San Diego’s Human Resources Department as a Labor Relations/Advocate in December 2014.  Previous to coming to UC San Diego, Terri worked for four years as a deputy city attorney in the Criminal Division in the Office of the City Attorney of San Diego. Before joining the City Attorney’s staff, Terri practiced law and was an adjunct instructor at Westwood College in Dallas, where she taught Law, American Government and Paralegal Studies. Terri is a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a B.A. in Government/Sociology and a University of San Diego Law School graduate with a J.D.